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Sousviderie is premium food and 5-star technique made accessible to all.

This is everyday, elevated: precision without pretention, perfection without pomp, and sophistication without extravagance.

  • Sous vide is French for “under vacuum.” The method cooks food to a precise temperature and keeps it there while locking in its flavor, which means food is tender and juicy every time.

  • Usually, sous vide is a process that’s hidden away in five-star restaurant kitchens. But where others see utility, we see nearly endless potential—and we aim to bring that potential to life in Sousviderie.

  • Sous vide cooking offers a level of control that’s difficult to achieve with other methods, and we’re leveraging that control to make the most incredible food you’ve ever tasted, from remarkably juicy steaks, chicken, and burgers; to whole grains and vegetables; to flavor-packed infused cocktails and cryo-smoked compressed fruit.


Project X Street Pizza is where old world simplicity meets modern approach. We embrace contrasts—old and new, humble and elevated, traditional and disruptive—and blend them seamlessly to create a pizza experience like you’ve never had before.

With our restless innovation mindset and our “street craft” philosophy of always listening and of constantly learning about new foods and flavors, we stay nimble and move fast to constantly push the pizza experience into new territory.

  • Our “New Peasant” style crust gets its incredibly unique character from minimally processed ingredients, unique double biga formulation and a 65-hour cold fermentation process.

  • Our simple food philosophy and heritage ingredients give our finished crust a complex flavor profile, improved digestibility and a shatteringly light, airy texture (which we refer to as a delicate crumb).

  • We borrow topping inspiration from authentic street foods—a global tradition where some of the world’s most vibrant and extraordinary flavor combinations can be found.

  • Many of the toppings are cooked sous vide, which means they’re cooked to the peak of deliciousness—and opens up a world of flavor-infusion possibilities.

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